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Net vs Gross Peptide Weight

All Auspep peptides are sold by gross weight (unless quoted otherwise), ie. the weight stated on the vial includes the associated counter-ions and water. For example, if the percentage of peptide is 90% in a 25mg sample, the actual peptide weight is 25mg x 90% = 22.5mg.

If requested, peptides can be packaged according to net peptide weight. The weight stated on the vial will then be exclusive of associated counter-ions and water. For example, if the peptide content determined by Amino Acid analysis is 80% in a 1mg net sample, the gross weight in the vial is 1.25mg.

Purity vs Peptide Content

Do not confuse peptide content with purity. While the purity of a peptide may be 100%, the peptide content will be determined by both the number of counter-ions associated with charged groups (ie. Arg, Lys) and the hydrophobicity of the peptide. This phenomenon is an intrinsic property of synthetic peptides.

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